Studio Upgrade & Full Body Tracking Impressions

Hey friends, exciting news! In a few weeks I'll be moving into a bigger space. I plan on installing a green screen so I can make cleaner tutorials and videos. I also officially paid off my student debt this month which of course feels refreshing.

I took several videos of my experience in VR Chat using my new Vive Trackers but they're all to shaky (head movements) to make a point. 

What I can say is that like all things VR, the trackers and their implementation feel like betas. It works and when it works, it works mostly great and adds even more immersion. However sometimes when I turn on the trackers it's like day one and I have to 're-pair' them. Here's a tip: Always turn on the headset and wands before turning on the trackers or you'll find the tracker is taking the place of your wand. Sometimes I feel like I did in the late 80's when smacking the side of my TV and blowing into my game cartridge seemed like the work flow that got things working.
It doesn't frustrate me so much though as I am grateful that HTC is providing the tools that let me 'be me' in VR.

I also swooped on the new VR version of Skyrim. I'm running the game smoothly on high settings and think it's fantastic. I played the original PS3 release but never really got into it but shooting arrows at Giants' heads is incredibly satisfying and more than once the game has had my adrenaline pumping. I have Fallout in VR too and it's buggy and clunky. I'm happy to say that Skyrim is polished like rims in Oakland.

Artwise, here's a dragon I sculpted last week with MasterpieceVR and a self-portrait I made mostly in VR with some post processing in Affinity Designer.

Model Sculpted in Masterpiece VR, eyes and framing done in Tiltbrush.

Model Sculpted in Masterpiece VR, eyes and framing done in Tiltbrush.

In other news, are you aware that Youtube blocked Jordan Peterson's account with no reason only to turn it on after he tapped his immense following. If you don't know who Jordan Peterson is you should watch 10 minutes of any video he's made. Don't watch videos ABOUT Jordan Peterson, watch the man speak for yourself and make your own choices.

Youtube which is owned by Google, Facebook and Twitter are all policing free speech and you should be wary of it no matter where you stand. I am happy to debate why free speech matters to any an all and so comments are on for this one.

Also, if you have any skin in the Crypto Currencies market, you're in the red and my man Pete Dobson can help bring sanity to your life. He hosts the Crypto Currently Podcast which is a daily half hour of current events in the crypto universe with occasional interviews with the founders of coins you never heard of.