Revisiting the Kazbus

Kazbus at Burning Man

Kazbus at Burning Man

I landed my first real project in 2006. I was presented with an opportunity to transform an old school bus into a themed vehicle for Burning Man. "Lucky" was the man with the idea and I being an over confident 23 year old, was the guy who could connect all the dots. The deadline to for the design was 24 hours away and if it got approved, I would have to get it done in 24 days.

Game on.

I took pictures of the bus which already had a black observation deck welded upon it and then began to sketch out ideas. I showed up at Lucky's office the next day with two radically different approaches. Shortly thereafter, I had the green light and the funding to get the job done.

I 'hired' my mom, sister and a few friends and we worked along side a construction crew to build what would forever be known as the Kazbus.

12 years later and the bus has gotten bigger, brighter and 'greener' since the initial build.