Shave like a boss


While Xmas shopping last year, I was with my son and noticed the Art of Shaving store and wanted to check it out. I'm not a 'hairy' person but I shave. I like a clean upper lip and let the beard do it's thing mostly. 

So I'm at the store and looking at these things. They don't have tons of information, just pretty displays so I ask, "Whats the difference between the 60 dollar razor and the 300 razor if they're all using the Gillette Quad razors?"

"The handle...that one is plastic and that one is unicorn horn."

Alright but I wasn't satisfied. I couldn't understand why someone would pay such a premium if the razor itself is something you can get at CVS. I ended up on a Reddit group, reading exchanges from shaving enthusiasts and I ended up at ordering myself and my baby's momma, shaving kits.

What I learned is this: The weight of the handle drives the blade on a soapy surface and that all the shaving enthusiast end up at one point or another shaving with a safety razor.

What is that? Well, it's a razor with a head and stem which separate from each other, allowing you to place a double sided blade, safely within.

I used to not love shaving but I love the whole ritual of soaping my face up. The included soap makes me smell good and my skin and facial hair is soft and growing in a more uniform fashion these days. 

My sons mother, sent me a pic of her freshly shaved sexy legs and told me she loved her razor too.

So these days after I put my kid to sleep, I draw a hot bath and bring my laptop next to the tub and throw on some Netflix and shave in the dark. I cut my nose a little bit the first time but you get used to the razor pretty fast and for me, I already know by feeling what I'm cutting. If I need to do a lining up of the beard, I'd definitely need light and a mirror but I only go that far once in a while. For the most part I just clean my mustache area.

Here's a link to the kit I got for myself (with the MR5 handle) and momma bear.