How I made a low-poly Avatar for VR Chat

I recently discovered the awesomeness of VR Chat, a hub for VR users and non-VR users to come together. In these digital worlds, users occupy the space in avatars and the appeal is the randomness of each experience.

My first time in, I picked from a varied and fun selection of stock avatars that blink and move their mouths but as I saw the varied and incredibly diverse population of VR Chat, I decided that I just can't do it stock:)

So my first thought was to use something I made in MasterpieceVR but the way the files save requires a few more steps to retain color info, etc and while it's definitely on my agenda, I thought I'd take a stab at making my an avatar in Google Blocks. And to my surprise there was a recent update that allows for much more precision.

Now if you go to the 'labs' at the bottom of your panel palate, you can switch on new features. There are four dots that represent the center divide for the block you're creating in so setting up a few poles for reference is easy.

I made a dope avatar that was too big for the SDK so be warned, VR Chat has a 20k poly limit, preferably 10k.  Don't spend hours on anything too elaborate. In fact, keep in mind the design process and see if you can extend a shape out as opposed to adding one. It's fun (for me at least) to work within a limit and I'm happy with the result. He comes in at about 7800 polygons and is a feather weight file wise. 

If you'd like to try him out you can download him here and use this video to learn how to upload using the VR CHAT SDK.