Breaking Bad habits

2016 made me a news junkie. Every day I'd keep up with the political side show wondering where this Shakespearean drama leads. I noticed myself always looking at my damn phone and after hours in VR my eyes were feeling strained.

So I decided I would remove Facebook from my home screen, turn off notifications and that I would get a Kindle and subscribe to a news source I felt was truly balanced. 

And it's great. I was already getting sick of seeing the same misinformation and sensationalized headlines and my eyes are thanking me.

I got the Paperwhite Kindle, which illuminates the page without shining a light in your face.

Funny story, I was running outside to catch a Lyft and completely fell on my ass at the curb. My shoes had zero grip and it was rainy. Apparently my Kindle flew out of my pocket and I didn't realize until I got home later. I retraced my steps and saw it in the gutter, safe and dry (mostly dry). After MacGyvering a mop handle, I successfully got my Kindle back and though a little scratched up from the affair, it charged and now has a little character.

That's my Kindle down there.

That's my Kindle down there.