Revolting Rhymes on Netflix: Dark yet pleasant

As I was editing this site I passively watched 2 episodes and it's great. Since I'm exploring story telling/kids/fairy tales, it interests me that these stories would probably scare the helicopter parents out there but for thousands of years, humans have used stories to teach children about the world and when the world was a more savage place, the stories were often dark with life and death on the line.

Disney made his name telling these stories to a more light hearted generation and REVOLTING RHYMES confidently has fun with itself, spinning and remixing characters in a Poe meets Shrek kind of way.

I used to go watch Freddy Kruger movies with my sister when I was 4 so I don't think this is going to ruin your kids but viewer be warned, characters are killed/eaten. It's playfully done and not gorey for gore's sake but I only saw two episodes and have no idea of the finale drops the mic.