Animating with Tvori and Marmoset Toolbag

It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve posted here. Halloween was a blast and I spent Thanksgiving with my family in the SF Bay Area during the last days of the infamous Camp Fire. It was surreal to see so much haze from the airplane and even more surreal to imagine the true impact this fire has had on so many people.

During Halloween weekend, Tvori (an animation software company focusing on VR) had an animation contest which I placed 2nd in. I had never used the software before but in about 30 hours, I came up with this video using a character I sculpted in Oculus Medium.

I was really blown away with the possibilities once I figured out the basics.

About a week after creating the video, Tvori released an update which allows you to export the video file so the first thing I did was throw it into Marmoset Toolbag to experiment.

Once I had a few proof of concepts figured out. I decided to make a music video using snippets from a few scenes I put together in Tvori with Marmoset renders.

Here’s the final video:

I was very happy with the end result of this workflow. I spent about 30 hours sculpting the assets, painting them in 3D coat, animating, rendering and putting it altogether. These hours were mostly expended in the hours after my son passed out and while he was at school.

For those interested in mirroring this workflow, I’ve compiled these videos: