How VR is rewiring my brain

About a month ago I was assembling Ikea furniture in my new living space and in my flow I mistakingly connected two wrong pieces and my immediate, conscious reaction was to hit 'UNDO.'

Last week while riding my bike around White Rock Lake I stopped to watch the sun set and found the colors of the sun reflecting off the water and the blues and oranges seemed to be separated on their own layers.

Last night while swimming in the pool with my son after dark, I emerged from the pool water and then as if someone hit a switch, I began to see dense yet transparent halos around the accent lighting as if I was viewing the lights through a view finder and lens as opposed to my bare naked eyes.

Rewind to October of 2017 when I first began creating in VR. There was an abundance of developers babying users by defaulting to 'teleporting' around VR environments. One of the only games I had that allowed for unrestrained movement was Pavlov Shooter. Even though playing the game gave me a bit of motion sickness, I loved the immersive nature and over the course of a month I felt myself adjust. Everyday in terrestrial reality, I felt like I had just gotten off a boat. I could be standing still and feel as if I was in motion. While driving, I found myself speeding as my reaction time was evolving. And at night, as I drifted off to sleep, instead of gazing at dark organic images merging together behind my eyelids as I did when I was a boy, I began to see more structured geometry and grid like patterns.

Today, marks nearly 8 months and 600 hours in VR and I wake up often from dreams where I am creating in VR. Nearly everyday I sense the feeling of deja vu, which I have always experienced but now it's a bit ridiculous.

Full disclosure: Between 2011 and 2014, I had travelled DEEP down the rabbit hole of psychedelia in an effort to weaken the strength of my ego and naturalize my spiritual connection with myself. I've taken it further than most people I know and have in my own perception, experienced alternate timelines, the inner compartmentalization of elemental energy and communication with high and low frequency energies. In a sense, these experiences may have 'lubed' me up for the subtle changes of frequent VR but I predict that once VR is as common as the smart phone, that reports of lucid dreaming will increase as will the collective ambition towards digitally unlocking our minds.

Here's this weeks render: Mr. Meowzer, sitting on top of the world.

See it on SketchFab!

See it on SketchFab!