New Characters for New Story

Last year, I began recording several hours of conversation and just put it out there in podcast land. I didn't have an underlying theme and even listening to them now...and it's only been a year, I can't help but laugh at myself for the shit I put out there. I recorded my last episode before I built this computer and bought an HTC VIVE, since then I've been immersing myself in VR making art. In fact, I showed my first VR designed imagery at GOOGLE in SF in December and in January, I showcased 'Big City Nights' in New York. 

Prior to VR, I often spoke of using the medium for revolutionizing education and now having been immersed for months, new ideas of just how this can happen continually begin to focus. 

I have been pumping out art and really love creating characters and scenes and am interested in at least the short term, in story telling.

With that said, I temporarily removed the podcasts from the header because I'm going to create an online comic and use the podcast to tell the stories. It's no longer going to be about my life or my thoughts. It's going to be stories with scenes you can visit in VR and bad ass characters.

I needed to get those crucial hours of dialogue out of my system. It was therapeutic for me and I hope that someone got something worth while from 'em.

I'm excited for the new direction and am happy to share these photos.

See me wear this Avatar in VR.