Reducing Violence: The Long Game on Raising the Lowest Common Denominator

Tiltbrush scene inspired by 'Mi Casa' where you'll find me in the Metaverse

Tiltbrush scene inspired by 'Mi Casa' where you'll find me in the Metaverse

2016 was charged. I remember living in liberal San Francisco having a conversation with my beautiful, hot and sexy yet slightly right of center baby's momma about solutions. While in SF, she was living in Dallas which is culturally very different than CA. For example, at the Houston Space Center they serve food on styrofoam plates and had one recycle bin among 18 trash bins. I counted the bins because I was surprised because that was banned in CA a long time ago and a brand as forward thinking as NASA should know better. Since I was 7 years old, I was indoctrinated by the the idea that we need to be conscious about our waste. The people I choose to spend my time with practice radical self reliance and value companionship, love and growth. They are healers, teachers, shaman, creators, lawyers, CEOs and entrepreneurs...all of them, beautiful and silly creatures.

One thing that unites us is our culture of acceptance and community which in many cases opens you up to the unseen bond between us all. This happens because the spirit of collaboration, and collective strength can only be felt when its created.

In the question of how to reduce violence, I believe the long game involves creating a world where we exercise this spirit and we can do this today with Virtual Reality. We can create the greatest educational experience that will nurture the respectful and creative culture we all truly deserve. VR has it's own strength and the art of teaching will be mastered through immersive storytelling, VRPGs and a gamified curriculum.

RAISE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR and with it the math starts to work out in our favor. If every single child in the world, from THE SAFETY of their own homes, had access to the Hogwarts...better believe we'll see some magic.

I have a theory...

I call it Emotional Resonance.

Imagine you are a radio and you tune into frequencies that resonate on an emotional spectrum. Angry emotional energy creates a frequency filled with that dark resonance that enforces negative thinking. Opposite that is the frequency of happiness which at it's highest level, is filled with gratitude and love.

Ever walk in a room and 'feel the tension?' Earth feels like that right now and I know some of you can feel it. Ever really 'feel' the 'good vibes?'.

I can prove this now. Join me in VR Chat and we'll dance mob the metaverse, spread silliness and report whether you felt the good vibes.

Easy. You can do it whenever you want really. I dance to a beat I make in my head all the time and I'm always happy.

Wasn't always the case. If you're a podcast listener you'll know I used to be a meth smoking, coke snorting, liquor & trigger loving teenager in the 1990's. If you want to know how I went to hell and back and found strength in a vision then you can listen to the first podcasts episodes or reach out via the links in the footer.

Let's talk about it, better yet lets virtualize and actualize the 'good vibes.' 

Seeing is believing.