Dream 1/31 - 2/1

I guess you could call it a nightmare, as I came face to face with pure evil. However, because I was relatively a calm ninja, I never experienced the panic.  It's hazy but what I remember while in it was that I've had it before. In my mind during the dream (not now) it felt reoccurring. 

With that said, I was in San Mateo in the house just left to where I grew up. I was in the living room and this demon was close to the floor, maybe slithering since he was low though I didn't see anything but his face which was humanoid, though larger and with red light and predatory intention emanating from itself.

I had my son with me and clearly said to it something along the lines of 'you must not act in any way that would frighten my son, or we will leave."

In the moment or two while it considered my words, I decided I would not wait for a demon to consider my words and simply ran out with my boy, quick style. I went to the house on the right which was my home in real life though maybe not here.

I went along the side of the house and I found the bodies of firemen (interesting because of my 'prophecy' last year regarding firemen) and decided to call the 911.

When dispatch came thru, I began to tell them my address was on Dakota Street but realized I was wrong and told them the correct address on 10th ave and told them I was reporting a murder.

"I saw dead firemen on the side of the house. I think it was the neighbor because they're into some voodoo shit."

The police officer started to ask me questions and that's where I'm losing the memory.